Welcome to the burger lab!

Can you smell what the Burger Lab is cooking?

Here at Fat Hippo we like to think we’ve nailed our signature burgers. Given what we hear and see on our social channels, you lot agree. So how do we keep things fresh?

If we bunk off the Born Slippy, axe the American or say sayonara to Stinky Pete, we know we’re going to break a few hearts. Remember when we carelessly thought we could cut ties with the Candy Man?

The Burger Lab are bubbling over with exciting new fun fuelled ideas we knew we had to find an outlet. Here we welcome the Burger Lab menu! 

If you head down to Fat Hippo today you’ll find clipped to your trusting burger-filled A3, a little black menu filled with the Burger Lab's best offering that month!

Now with an outlet for their burger-loaded brains, expect to see a monthly changing special, including exciting new mountains of meat, alternative veggie offerings, holiday themed treats, the world is literally their burger!

Introducing their offering for this month ...

Hog Rider £11.90

Double 4oz patty, Applewood cheese, Hillbilly hog rasher, smoked chilli jelly, Boston lettuce and Habanero mayo.

Served with …

Cajun waffle fries, Southern fried bacon bits, ranch dressing and parmesan  

P.s. Want waffles? Upgrade your chips on a regular burger to Cajun Waffle Fries for £1.5!

Check back next month to see what else the Burger Lab is cooking for you …



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