Thankful for Fat Hippo

Thanksgiving might be an American holiday, but if you'll know by now that we don't like to let those folks across the pond have all the fun. Available for one day only we've got an indulgent feast that you're bound to be thankful for!

Start off with Buffalo Wings, deep fried buttermilk chicken wings, blue cheese dip and celery shoots. Followed by our colossal special burger, Risk It For A Brisket: double 4oz patty, salt roast beef, swiss cheese, greenkraut relish, tomatillo ketchup and dijon mayo. And if there's still room for dessert, we have our extra indulgent Deep Fried Choc Brownie, topped with salted caramel, peanut butter popcorn and vanilla ice cream.

Available for ONE DAY ONLY on Thursday 24th November, we promise you can't miss this one! 

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