Easter at Fat Hippo

If ever there was a time to not feel guilty over loosening that belt buckle it's Easter. And when have we ever let you down ...

April 12th-17th sees the return of the Beaster Honey 2.0. Back and better than ever!

Southern fried chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, sweetcorn honey butter, dry cured bacon, Buffalo hot sauce, pickled cucumbers, BBQ sauce and lettuce, served up with our handcut chips.

Upgrade your fries with our - first time ever - mac 'n' cheese fries! Our skinny fries topped with a deliciously naughty macaroni cheese and garlic and herd brioche crumb!

And of course Easter is the time for a good bit of gluttony! Chocoholic or Burger Lover? You don't even have to choose we have just the thing! Spoil your sweet tooth with the return of our homemade milkshake, the Mudbath! 

Triple chocolate brownie blitzed with chocolate ice cream and Cadbury's mini eggs to make a thick indulgent shake

But that’s not all, our friends over at The Pudding Parlour have supplied us with a gorgeously naughty Easter treat, the Creme Egg Cookie Dough Pie …

Their signature Cookie Dough slice, served warm with ice cream with an abundance of the nations favourite egg on top!

Easter, check!


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