Caught us yet at Trinity Kitchen?

Time flies when you're flipping burgers! Or at least it has since we opened up shop in Trinity Kitchen. For the past four and a half weeks, we've been bringing our bangin' burgers to Leeds city centre. Having spent the last six years building a name for ourselves as one of the best burger restaurants and places to eat in Newcastle, we thought it was time to convert more of the country to the Fat Hippo way of life.  

Served pink, juicy and straight off the grill of our impressive 10ft Shipping Container, our menu for Trinity Kitchen includes a range of our signature burgers. From our classic American, served with Monterey Jack cheese, pickles, ketchup and American mustard, to our more quirky combinations like our PB&J, we’ve been serving up the good kind of gluttony. Not to mention adding a few more Yorkshire members to our growing Herd.

If you’ve not already been for a visit, we’ll be at Trinity Kitchen until Sunday 26th June. So you’ve got just over a week and a half to get your Fat Hippo fix!

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