Help us support Bradley Lowery

We're not always vocal about our support of charities but a person who's very close to home needs our help and we want to let you know how you can do your bit. 

Over the last few weeks, Bradley Lowery's Fight has gained a lot of publicity and as the nephew of one of our restaurant managers, we felt it was only right to do our bit to help support the cause.

In case you're not familiar with the cause, Bradley is just five years old and has been battling with Neuroblastoma for the past three years. After being given the all clear he then went into relapse at the age of 4. With specialised treatment not being available in the UK the family were given the mammoth task of raising £700,000 pounds for the initial treatment over in the US. After much generosity the family have successfully raised the amount needed for the treatment however fundraising continues for other aspects of his journey and to get him the much needed treatment that this 5 year old hero needs. There's red donation boxes at each of our restaurants, and details of how you can make a donation by text. We hope you can help us in supporting this great cause.

On October 1st, staff from all of our restaurants donated their tips to Bradley Lowery’s Fight against Neuroblastoma. Together we managed to raise £1021.75 and our directors, Mike and Arthur have contributed a further £500.

Big thanks from the Fat Hippo Family!

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