Fat Hippo turns 10!

From a cosy little end terrace established in Jesmond in 2010 to having FIVE family friendly burger joints in the UK and a fantastic Fleet travelling all over in 2020, Fat Hippo has gone from strength to strength.

Over the last decade, we’ve created a countless number of Burger Lab specials, brought the best burgers to thousands of events, and even joined Deliveroo so you can have our signature beef and boneless buttermilk chicken patties in the comfort of your own home! It’s safe to say that the last ten years have been pretty damn lit for Fat Hippo.

To celebrate our BIG birthday, we decided we needed to do something special. In fact, not just ONE thing special, we’ve decided that doing FOUR things special would be even better...

That’s right... we have FOUR specials to celebrate the big ten-oh!

During the four weeks of February, we’ll be rolling out a special a week for you to try - some of which you may even recognise...

And the best bit? At the end of the month, when all four have had their seven days of fame, you’ll be able to vote for your favourite. This winner will then feature on the Fat Hippo menu for the ENTIRE birthday month of March.

So which team are you on? 

Wed 29th Jan - Tues 4th Feb: #TeamCandyMan

Do you know... the Candy Man? The Candy Man? The Candy Man. Yes, I know the Candy Man... who lives in the Fat Hippo Burger Lab?

Guess who’s back, back again... Candy Man’s back... tell a friend! A pimped-up version of the Fat Hippo legend himself returns... did someone say a cheeky garlic mayo addition?

Double beef patty, American cheese, garlic mayo, candied bacon and onion jam, served with the classic hand cut chips.

Oh yes, the #10YearChallenge has been kind to the Candy Man or the burger we like to call, the bounce back kid. Catch him making an appearance again from Wed 29th Jan to Tues 4th Feb – but remember, there’s no need to say Candy Man in the mirror five times to make this burger appear... or is there?

Wed 5th Feb - Tues 11th Feb: #TeamRiseandSwine

At Fat Hippo HQ, we get inundated with messages, comments, emails, DMs – even the odd handwritten letter – begging us to bring back some of your faves and we’ve listened particularly hard to this one.


*Kylie Jenner voice* - Riiiiiiise and Swineeee... Yes, Rise and Swine is back.

Beef patty, sausage patty, smoked bacon, American cheese, fried egg, chipotle ketchup, shredded home fries and Fat Hippo sauce, served with mini hash browns.

Fat Hippo serving you breakfast all damn day long ‘cause let’s be honest, who has breakfast before 10:30am, er, 11am anyways? But there’s no time to snooze! Rise and Swine is back for a short time only – catch the breakfast burger all day from Wed 5th Feb to Tues 11th Feb.

So, wakey wakey – eggs and bakey burger is back!

Wed 12th Feb - Tues 18th Feb: #TeamGretaBunberg

“Hi folks, it’s the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?”

Can you believe it’s been ten years since Toy Story 3 came out? Can you believe it’s been ten years since Lady Gaga wore that infamous meat dress to the VMAs? Can you believe it’s been ten years since Fat Hippo started serving up our signature beef and boneless buttermilk chicken patties? However - new decade, new menu, new special. That’s right, there’s a new kid on the block. For Week 3 of our legendary specials, we decided to throw in a brand new burger.

Introducing the 'Greta Bunberg'.

Southern fried plant based patty, hash brown, cheese, lettuce, pickles, bbq sauce & zinger mayo, served with cajun cross cuts.

Greta (or known to some as ‘Sharon’ – yeah, we’re looking at you Amanda Henderson) has made quite an impact over the last year and we think our new special might do the same...

Catch Greta Bunberg at Fat Hippo from Wed 12th Feb to Tues 18th Feb – will you be making her your Fat Hippo Burger of the Month?

Wed 19th Feb - Tues 25th Feb: #TeamBornSlippy

Shouting, “BURGER, BURGER, BURGER, BURGER” Shouting “Mega, mega TASTY thing, mega mega” So we ‘meat’ again Born Slippy... oh yes, the one that got away is back! We’re rounding off the big birthday battle with a good old meaty treat.

Double beef patty, American cheese, garlic mayo, braised rib meat, jalapeños and chilli jam, served with the classic hand cut chips.

So for everyone who’s always asking for ALL the meat – this is your answer. But be quick – you only have from 19th Feb to Tues 25th Feb to ‘meat’ Born Slippy again. Once the Born Slippy goes away, that’s when the real battle starts... It’s going to be a very interesting competition indeed. 

Already picked your corner? Book your ring-side seat today at our Newcastle, Jesmond and Durham sites or simply walk-in to either of our Sheffield branches, during their reign to support your favourite!

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for details on how to make your vote and for other birthday surprises from us!


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