Happy 8th Birthday to us!

Hip Hippo-oray! 

Hippo 8th Birthday to us!  

Over the past 8 years, we have created our very own Herd from all you lovely folks!

From opening our first doors in Jesmond early 2011, to Newcastle in 2013, Durham in 2016, Sunderland in 2018 … Hippo domination is well on it’s way! 

This year as well as our spanking new venue in Bonded Warehouse Sunderland, we noticed that the industry was changing, and so have we! We’ve now expanded our menus to include a wide vegan range as well as our gluten and dairy free menus so that anyone with any dietary needs can indulge too! 

With nearly a decade of the best kind of gluttony under our (and your) belts, to celebrate our birthday we’ve created even more Super B8 for you!

The Super B8 Burger we hear you say?

What's in that?

We're glad you asked!  

The Super B8 burger is a brioche bun filled with a double beef patty, layered in gooey double American Cheese, crunchy popcorn chicken mayo, smoked bacon covered in buffalo hot sauce and pickles. 8 toppings in total! Served with delicious handcut chips on the side as usual ... 

Come and help us blow out our candles in style! 
Available in any of our restaurants 9th - 31st January, book now at Jesmond, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle.
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