Introducing Hillbilly Lager

Fresh off the back of our Best Restaurant victory we felt we needed some more great beer to pair with our award winning burgers. Say howdy to the newest member of the Fat Hippo Hops family, Hillbilly Lager! 

Fat Hippo proudly launched Hippo Hops, an umbrella brand for our personalised range of beers brewed in partnership with the local, award winning Allendale Brewery. Currently boasting two exclusively unique beers, personally designed to match our menu, reflecting the passion and taste we put into our food, so what could be better? Average and generic don’t get a look in. 

Having launched our maiden beer, Fat Hippo IPA in late 2014, we've been itching to expand the Hippo Hops family. The Hillbilly lager has been nearly 6 months in the making but let us assure you, it's been well worth the wait.

Created just for us, this is a hybrid style of combining the crisp refreshing taste of a great lager with the bold fruity citrus flavours and aromas from a well hopped pale ale. It’s fresh, tasty and just what your palate will be craving to wash down and compliment a rich juicy burger! It’s also light enough not to overpower the more delicate flavours of our chicken and veggie dishes, plus it won’t fill you up so there’s space for dessert!

Hillbilly is brewed with a lager yeast which ferments at the bottom of the tank as opposed to the top where ale yeast works. This fermentation is done very slowly at a low temperature for the classic crisp dry taste of a lager to develop. It is then cold conditioned for a month to mature and develop the flavours further. Hillbilly lager goes one step further in that we have used copious amounts of American hops throughout the process to give an IPA style citrusy hop hit.

Head Brewer, Neil Thomas, “My all time favourite burger is the Born Slippy with it’s rich rib and chilli flavours, so on a personal level while designing the beer I kept in mind what my perfect beer/burger match would be.”

Given the huge popularity of our IPA and the excitement around the launch of our new Hillbilly Lager, we’re also looking to launch our online merchandise store in the spring of this year. Here you'll be able to get your hands on our bottled Hippo Hops range to enjoy at home. 

In the meantime head down to the Underground or Fat Hippo Jesmond to get your beer-hungry hands on our newest boozy addition! 

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