The Fonz burger from Fat Hippo

July 4th we got you!

4th July is fast approaching, and it’s time for another special that does our American pals proud!

Pizza lovers your prayers have been answered. Something magical’s been going on in the Burger Lab, and it’s resulted in arguably our most bangin’ burger yet! 

Imagine a pizza/burger lovechild? Let me explain ...

Introducing ‘The Fonz’, a double 4oz juicy beef patty, smoked mozzarella, smashed potato hash, pepperoni ketchup, pesto mayo & rocket, served up with Parmesan herb fries on the side ...

But the party doesn’t stop there, what’s a burger without a shake on the side?! A bubblegum shake to be precise! Topped with whipped cream and gumball bits, the ‘Happy Daze’ is straight up god tier. 

As if that wasn’t enough for you, Big Al’s cooked up a mud pie, and it’ll knock your socks off! Chocolate fudge ice cream, whipped chocolate glaze and hot chocolate sauce, all piled on top of a cookie base!

Okay we'll stop now, this is absolutely not one to be missed. Happy Holidays Folks. 

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