Man vs Hippo

Shenton… Cook… names that have gone down in Fat Hippo history, and all down to one thing, Man Vs. Hippo. This annual competition of stomach strength pits the finest lads and lasses against the mighty meat sweats of Fat Hippo. March 23rd saw the return of Man vs Hippo, and over the day 20 hopefuls battled it out to become the third winner of the food challenge, earning their name on the plaque of fame, and a £50 voucher for the restaurant.

The premise of the competition is a simple one, 30 minutes to eat your way through as many burgers as possible, all loaded with 8oz of pink and juicy beef. A little bit of sauce to help, but that’s about it.

After a more subdued earlier round which set the bar at 5 burgers to beat, the competition really heated up for the final round. With the competitors squaring off around one long table and with a decent turnout of spectators, it was a rowdy and entertaining showdown. Encouraged by simply the best playlist for the occasion (think along the lines of Holding out for a Hero and Let’s get ready to Rumble), and the cheers of their friends all secretly hoping to see a tactical toilet dash, it was a solid effort all round.

Special mention has to go to our staff independent judicator Devon, who kept everyone going with her unique blend of keeping count and egging on. Some say it’s a fine line between encouragement and force feeding… all I’m saying is that I wouldn’t like to meet her on a dark night with a cheeseburger in hand!

In the end of course there could only be one winner, Razz Wilson, who closely claimed the prize with a respectable 6 burgers down, leaving behind a table with some interesting facial shades around it.

Think you could do better? Well, watch this space, because one thing’s for certain, Man Vs. Hippo will return!

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