Meet our suppliers: The Pudding Parlour

Something sweet to finish? After a Fat Hippo feast, not many people are sure they’ll ever be able to eat again. But we know better, and that there’s always room for a bit of pudding.

From limited edition pecan pies to our well-loved Belgium waffles topped with butterscotch sauce, somehow you still manage to find the room to cram in our indulgent desserts. So when it came to finding some sweet treats to add to our new menu at Fat Hippo Durham, we knew wanted to keep it local and give you something with a wow factor! Meet some of our newest suppliers, The Pudding Parlour, ran by brother and sister, Kristy and Greg.

Having launched their business back in 2013, The Pudding Parlour is a family run business, producing delicious desserts with an American twist. Inspired by classics, each of their puds are made from their own recipes. Supplying us with Cookie Dough Pie and Toblerone Cheesecake (which is GF without ice cream), their delicious desserts are helping us serve up the sweeter side of gluttony. Available only at Fat Hippo Durham.

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