Restaurant Week at Fat Hippo

Is your mind on your beach body or your burger body?

Either way we have something you’re not going to be able to resist this NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week! 

From Monday 8th August - Sunday 14th, we’ll be offering two courses for £10!

Vouchers for this deal will be available on GetIntoNewcastle's site soon. Booking is strongly advised and can be done on our website. If it’s anything like January it will be getting all rather cosy Underground!

Here is a sneak peak of which of our bangin’ burgers made the hot list!


Dirty Skins - Double fried potato Skins, topped with bacon and Fat Hippo sauce

(v) Deep Fried Gherkins - Lightly battered with garlic mayo

(v) Mac N Cheese Balls - Deep Fried Balls of baked macaroni and cheese, served with Alabama white BBQ sauce

Main Courses

Beef Burgers (Double 4oz served with handcut chips)

American – Double patty topped with cheese, gherkins, ketchup and American mustard

Texas – Double patty topped with streaky bacon, cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce

Gastro -Double patty topped with parma ham, rocket and pesto mayo

PB&J – Double patty topped with chunky peanut butter, cheese and homemade bacon jam

Stinky Pete – Double patty topped with blue cheese, onion jam and jalapeños

Candy Man – Double beef patty, topped with monterey jack cheese, candied bacon and onion jam

Chicken Burgers (Served with fries)

Breaded – with lettuce and mayo, nuff said!

Hangover III – Breaded chicken with streaky bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce

Cajun Chicken – Cajun marinated chicken breast topped with BBQ sauce


Ice Cream Selections

Lemon Sorbet

Belgian Waffle - with vanilla ice Cream and topped with homemade butterscotch sauce

Triple Chocolate Brownie - Chefs triple chocolate brownie served warm with vanilla ice cream and homemade salted caramel

Pecan Pie - Served with vanilla ice cream


And we don't like to miss Jesmond out ...

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