You've had 8 years of the good kind of gluttony so we've decided it's time to spice things up!

As you know we are a proudly Northern, independent, local brand who love championing other local independents whenever we can. What better way to celebrate them than to collaborate with them! 

We already know you love Fat Hippo, so we're going one better for this month's special and partnering up with one of our favourites, local legends Scream for Pizza!

This month we are bringing you a taste sensation of your dreams, just think two words…

Pizza. Burger.

We’re smashing together the infamous Fat Hippo style burger with the spicy cheesy tastes of the classic 'Nduja Love Me' pizza that Scream for Pizza are well-known for!

Introducing the Nduja Love me? Burger!

Now you don’t need to pick between Pizza and burger on date night! 

So what  are you getting?

A double beef patty with an oozing grilled cheese skirt of mozzarella and blue cheese, drenched in spicy nduja mayo and pepperoni ketchup, sprigs of basil rocket and with a drizzling of honey, served with a side of cheesy parmesan herb dusted fries. 

It’s time to Scream for your Burger! 

Available from March 6th- 27th, book your table now at Jesmond, Newcastle, Durham or Sunderland.

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