Screenage Kicks: Apocalypse Now

Do you love the smell of napalm on a Friday night?

You should definitely think about joining us at Screenage Kicks tonight then! Newcastle’s premier pop-up cinema experience is showing Francis Ford Coppola's legendary Apocalypse Now as its latest immersive offering in the pretty unique setting of Gateshead’s Battlezone Laser. Quite possibly the most exciting cinematic happening to take place south of the Tyne since the great Michael Caine had difficulty finding a parking spot back in the sixties!

Brando, Duvall, Sheen… even a certain Harrison Ford, and of course, the best use of Wagner since, well, who knows? This film is epic, and rumour has it the Fat Hippo Burger Bar will be popping up to follow on from its “Sliced Ear’ burgers that went down so well at the Kick’s previous Reservoir Dogs night.

There’s still some tickets left, so get your best GI fancy dress on, rise up out of that muddy pool you’ve been hiding in… Screenage Kicks is back!

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