Thanksgiving At Fat Hippo

Come see us in November when we join our friends from across the pond in celebrating Thanksgiving. Our four-course feast is back Thursday 26th November. Think traditional Thanksgiving indulgence with a good old Fat Hippo twist.

First we bring you Hushpuppies … They got their name from people in the Deep South feeding them to their dogs to shut them up... turns out they did the same to us too! Deep-fried balls of cornmeal, spring onion and bell peppers, served with Alabama white BBQ sauce. 

It's back for one day only! The Candyman … A double 4oz beef patty topped with grilled cheese, candied bacon and onion jam then skewered with, wait for it... a candy cane. Served with sweet potato fries.  

To ease your sweet tooth we are topping this four-course feast with an all American classic - pecan pie served warm with vanilla ice cream. And no Fat Hippo meal would be complete without a good old milkshake … Welcome our PB&B! Peanut butter and butterscotch sauce, blitzed over vanilla ice cream.

And thanks will be given.

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