The Patriots Tray at Fat Hippo

Thanksgiving Fat Hippo Feast

With 2018 nearly over, it’s almost time for Thanksgiving and boy, do we have something for you that will make you thankful for Fat Hippo ...
When have we ever let you down in providing the best burgers in Newcastle? Now we've got a little festive, American something that will make you feel thankFULL this Thanksgiving! 
It’s time for some fowl play on our pitch, so make sure you’re wide open from the 7th- 27th November
Introducing the PATRIOTS TRAY!
A tray of fried and dipped Tennessee hot chicken sandwich topped with American cheese, lettuce, gherkins and Fat Hippo sauce, served with sides of sweet potato fries, crunchy purple slaw and gooey mac ’n’ cheese. 
Enough to make you gobble until you wobble
Available at any of our restaurants in Jesmond, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle from the Wednesday 7th 'til Tuesday 27th November. 
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