Fat Hippo Stocksfield Cricket Club

Event North - Stocksfield Cricket Club

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Once events are live, head to our online ordering site and choose the event you’d like to collect from. Select the time you wanna collect from (If you select ASAP that will revert to our next available slot which may be in a few hours so please double check!) Bag your favourite burger, treat yourself to that extra side, double check the time and pay. Once orders have been placed they are final and unable to be amended or have the time slot changed. No refunds will be given. On the day, arrive bang on time at our truck with your name/code ready, and the burger goods will be popped on the table. Please note you will not be able to order directly from the Fleet van on the day.

For allergens and any questions, please drop us an email on fleet@fathippo.co.uk.
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