The Fat Hippo Fleet brings the best burgers straight to you. Served fresh off the grill, we believe in good food, messy fingers and juicy burgers whatever your event. Let's be honest, this is event catering at its best.

The Fleet

Fleet Members

As our Fat Hippo family has grown over the last few years, so has our Fat Hippo Fleet. We've got a range of unique vehicles available to suit any venue so we can 'pop up' for your mobile catering needs.

Fat Hippo Shipping Container

Shipping Container

With its impressive 10ft steel stature, our Shipping Container isn’t your typical kind of takeaway van. Its industrial but stylish feel (complete with Edison bulbs) makes it great for event catering where you need a bit of impact. Since joining our Fleet, our Shipping Container has proven to be a popular pop-up restaurant in its own right.

Fat Hippo Chevy


Our vintage Chevy came all the way from the US to join the Fat Hippo Fleet. Since making its debut, our heavy-duty Chevy is a popular member of the family. A proper burger truck for proper dirty burgers, our Chevy Kurbmaster is the perfect vehicle for serving up our good-old-fashioned-get-it-all-over-your-face food.

Fat Hippo Burger Bar

Burger Bar

It all started with our rustic Burger Bar. Made from reclaimed wood, our trusty Burger filled Bar enabled us to venture into the world of outdoor event catering way back in 2013. Since then we’ve brought a freshly grilled mouthful of the good kind of gluttony to foodie events and private parties all over the country.


Fat Hippo Fleet diagram

It's no secret, our Fat Hippo Fleet likes to get around. From private parties to foodie events, weddings to music festivals, we're all about bringing the good kind of gluttony to events all over the UK. You'll find us at your favourite foodie festivals one day and then serving up the tastiest lunchtime burgers at the region's best business parks the next. Our Fleet bring the burgers to you.

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