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Did somebody order an Italian snack?!

Searching for that sunny summer escape? Close Skyscanner and that ‘burgers near me’ tab, we got you.

Pop that out of office message on as your vacation starts now… with some first class specials on the arrivals board! 

Prepare to venture to Venice as our latest summer special is serving up a true taste of Aperol Spritz… in a burger! An APEROL CHICKZ burger!

This Italian masterpiece showcases our brined, double fried, boneless buttermilk chicken, loaded with Parmesan crunch, gem lettuce, cheesy garlic bacon crumb, creamy Caesar and the best part … it's soaked in APEROL HOT HONEY BUTTER. Yes you read that right - you can now buy an Aperol Spritz burger near you!

From Naples to Newcastle, Milan to Manchester and Bologna to Birmingham, the best burger of the summer has landed. Don’t forget to bag yourself an upgrade with our CAESAR FRIES! Coated in creamy Caesar sauce and cheesy garlic bacon crumb, these fries were made to be conquered!

Of course your vacanza wouldn’t be complete without an aperitivo or two, and what better way than with our muse, the classic APEROL SPRITZ recipe. Aperol, Prosecco, splash of soda and a slice of orange, available exclusively at our restaurants (18+, dine-in only). Cin cin!

Buon Appetito!

* Please note these locations are smaller Fat Hippo kiosks within another host venue. To make a booking within the dining area of one of these sites, please click the location above and your reservation will be made through the host venue’s system. These venues are solely responsible for all bookings at these locations so please contact them directly with any queries.