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People of the world!

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Stop right now! Thank you very much, our burgers need somebody with a human touch! That’s right, our BurgerLab are ready to give you everything, all the joy Fat Hippo can bring, this Valentine’s, they swear… Watch them swing it, shake it, move it and make it as they show just how good they are with a triple threat of Valentine’s specials that will Spice Up Your Life this February! 

After last years ‘6 inches of satisfaction’ lived rent free in your head Roman Empire style, our BurgerLabs have been inspired by 30 years of girl power ✌and lined up THREE new limited edition items. Who fancies a February flirting with flavours and… decisions!? 

People of the world! It’s time to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE - or not? With our interactive Valentine’s special burger where you decide the heat. Simply tell your server what you want, what you really really want, HOT or NOT and shake it, shake it, shake it over our crispy fried chicken drenched in char siu-caramel, loaded with sriracha mayo, pickles, white onion, hot honey and our famous liquid cheese, served in a sesame seeded brioche with HOT HONEY CHEESE FRIES, topped with hot honey, liquid cheese and sesame seeds. Zigazig-ah yeaah!

It’s a world exclusive on a personalised special from us! Are you choosing to slam it to the left, if you’re NOT feeling lit, or shake it to the right for a full dose of HOT Hippo heat?! Hold tight either way as it’s time to consciously uncouple with bland scran in 2024!

And of course, sharing is caring, as a little hippo told us that if you wanna be our lover, you gotta share one of these… SPLIT IT! Brûléed banana split, chocolate fudge and vanilla ice creams loaded with whipped cream, Biscoff, Oreo crumb, fudge sauce, sprinkles and cherries on top. Perfect for sharing on Valentines, Galentines, Palentines or just grab your spoon partner, do you really need an excuse?

Say you’ll be there this February to schmooze your burger bae, bring your patty pals or feast solo! The race is on to a Fat Hippo near you 6th - 29th February!

* Please note these locations are smaller Fat Hippo kiosks within another host venue. To make a booking within the dining area of one of these sites, please click the location above and your reservation will be made through the host venue’s system. These venues are solely responsible for all bookings at these locations so please contact them directly with any queries.