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Allergens At Fat Hippo

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Here at Fat Hippo, we want you to be able to enjoy our food in the way that suits you. As an inclusive family-friendly restaurant, we will always try our best to cater for all allergies and diets to ensure everyone can enjoy their Fat Hippo visit. This means we have a great selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options available on our menu.

All of our allergen information is readily available on our menu. From here, you can see what's good to eat for your dietary requirements. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your server.

Please be aware that all dishes may contain traces of nuts as we have peanuts on the premises.

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Allergy Info

How to Check Allergy Info on Menu Items

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Each individual item on our online menu has all the information you need to know regarding ingredients and allergens.

At a glance, if you head to our menu page you will be able to scroll and see which items are V - vegetarian, VG - vegan, GF (as standard), GF on request (this just means some ingredients will need to be substituted), DF (as standard) and DF on request.

All you need to do is browse to the menu item and click the green circle with an 'i' inside. This will load up all of the dietary information for that item. It's even broken down into each ingredient for you. Simple really!

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What to do on delivery orders

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Before ordering your Fat Hippo feast on one of our delivery partner sites, please take a look at our menu to see the allergens for each item. Many have the option when ordering to remove ingredients from your burger so you can customise it to suit your dietary needs. There is also an option to swap your brioche bun to a gluten and/or dairy-free alternative.

Fleet Allergens

Fleet Allergens

If you have any allergens or dietary requirements, no worries - we're here to help!

Head over to Fleet Menu Options to see all of the items that could pop up on our Fleet menus. If you hit the green circle icon with an 'i' inside, this will load up all of the item's ingredients, allergens and nutritional information.

Please note that as we are a small outdoor setup, there may be some cross-contamination between products. Please be aware all dishes may contain traces of nuts as we have peanuts on the premises.

Pop an email over to the team at if you have any further questions!

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* Please note these locations are smaller Fat Hippo kiosks within another host venue. To make a booking within the dining area of one of these sites, please click the location above and your reservation will be made through the host venue’s system. These venues are solely responsible for all bookings at these locations so please contact them directly with any queries.