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Meet our suppliers

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Fat Hippo: Field to Fork

Here at Fat Hippo we’ve proudly built our concept on perfecting one simple dish: burger and chips. We know the best burgers can only be made from the best produce. This means carefully researching and selecting only the highest quality ingredients from across the UK. This ensures all of the food travelling from our fields to your forks upholds our consistent high standards.

Over the years we are very grateful to have built up a network of like-minded food fanatic suppliers who have as much love and passion for their part in our journey as we do. From farmers to friends, this trust has made for great friendships, and we recognise the part their hard work has played in our journey to where we are today.

Find out a bit more about some of our trusted suppliers below!

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Meet: Particularly Good Potatoes

“We’ve proudly worked alongside Fat Hippo for over a decade now, supplying the particularly good chips you enjoy each time you visit one of their restaurants. As they have grown and their demand increased, so have we! Today they have their very own 23 acre potato field on Turvelaws Farm up in Wooler, which allows us to produce over 300 tonnes of potatoes just for them each year! With sustainability always in mind, we farm, store, chip (to their unique specs) seal for freshness then distribute direct to them each week. We say it takes 5 months to grow, 5 minutes to cook and just 5 seconds to eat the perfect chip!”

Mark Robson, Founder + Farmer

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Meet: Bakehouse Artisan Bakery

"Bakehouse Artisan Bakery has been proudly supplying Fat Hippo’s brioche since they opened in 2011. We know the best burgers deserve the best buns, freshly made from the best quality ingredients, which is why we’re trusted to supply Fat Hippo with over 1.2 million fresh brioche buns a year! Our baking day starts at 3am as nearly the full process is done by hand, and takes our team of talented bakers just over 10 hours from mixing to baking. We have 8 bakers working solely on brioche, with 4 baking, 1 manning the oven and 3 slicing and sealing. We annually use over 60 tonnes of flour, 6.5 tonnes of butter and 250k eggs to make the FH brioche. The key is that they must be robust enough to not fall apart, but still soft enough to absorb all of those lovely, flavoursome, burger juices. Over the years we’ve made them black, grey, red, green, we’re always excited to hear of what challenge their BurgerLab will come up for us next!"

Simon Wake, Owner + Baker

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Meet: Harvey and Brockless

“We’ve been working as a trusted supplier for Fat Hippo for 7 years now supplying cheese and dairy items before they entrusted us to produce their top secret, signature, namesake sauce. With the recipe remaining unchanged for over a decade, it takes 20 people around 2 hours, using an undisclosed amount of secret herbs and spices to produce. Distributing over 1 tonne of FH sauce to their restaurants per week, we produce both their classic and vegan FH sauce, as well as their Hellacious Hippo Hot sauce, all of which are regarded as a pillar of their trademark taste.”

Russell Byrne, Fat Hippo Account Manager

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Meet: Allendale Brewery

“Allendale Brewery proudly produce and supply Fat Hippo’s in-house signature beers, Fat Hippo IPA and Hillbilly Lager.  Working closely with the FH team since early 2014, we started out supplying them with a selection of our best selling beers, before collaborating with them to create their very own unique recipes, one IPA and one lager. Each craft batch is carefully handmade, with the process from brew to canning varying between 2-4 weeks approx. Nowadays we produce the equivalent of 850k pints a year exclusively for them. Burgers and beers are the perfect combo!”

Jenny Hogarth, Allendale Brewery

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