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Love Fat Hippo? Join The Herd!

Group of Burgers

We think it might be time for you to join The Herd…

Calling all Fat Hippo fans. Do you find yourself day dreaming about our juicy burgers on a frequent basis? Are you a bit concerned your patty obsession might be getting out of hand? Pop in to see us more times than you care to admit? That's kind of loyal behaviour we like to reward here at Fat Hippo.

Join the Herd

Why Join?

Herd the benefits?

This is so much more than your normal 'collect a stamp' scheme. Joining the Herd means you're officially a member of the Fat Hippo family and with that comes some excellent benefits.

Smoking Hot Rewards

Points for patties? Sounds good to us. Every time you visit a Fat Hippo, make sure you collect your Herd points. These bad boys are worth saving up for a whole list of awesome rewards.

Secret Menu

Reckon you know our menu inside out already? Well, Herd members can get their hands on special burgers, secret menu hacks, and even more gluttony...

Juicy Burger Goss

Get the hottest Fat Hippo news, fresh off the grill, straight to your inbox. First looks, brand new burger specials, the latest gossip... you'll know it first!

Join the Herd to Reap the Rewards


Download our app on your phone. Sign up by selecting 'My Account' and 'New User? Create an account' and pop in your details. If you already have a Herd account, use the same email address to register.


Find the verification email in your inbox (sometimes these can slip into your junk mail so check there too) and 'Verify Account'. If you already have a Herd account, your existing points will transfer over.


Book your table or place your Click + Collect order and start collecting your points in our restaurants. The more points you collect, the more rewards available! Sounds good right?

FatHippo Mobile App

Get Burger 'Appy With Our New App!

* Please note these locations are smaller Fat Hippo kiosks within another host venue. To make a booking within the dining area of one of these sites, please click the location above and your reservation will be made through the host venue’s system. These venues are solely responsible for all bookings at these locations so please contact them directly with any queries.